Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Girly Grunge and Classes Updates!

Hi again my creative souls!
Isn't it just great when everything just comes together? Not long ago I showed you a journal which I made during my visit to Khabarovsk, Russia... well, the story didn't end there!
I was inspired by the delicate color palette, the softness and this "girly grunge" feel to it - so I decided to turn it into a new class and call it "Haze and Shine"... Not a bad idea, I think, as I can feel it may be my next favorite!

2 weeks ago "Haze and Shine" had its big "premiere" during Applied Creativity Event in Coventry.
I have to tell you - the talent of my students, their kindness and great friendliness made this weekend a very special time to remember! We had the best time and I loved it despite the fact I was in a really poor condition fighting a nasty cold (if I gave it to anybody - my deepest apologies!).

Here is one of the projects I completed in the classroom that weekend. I love this color combination - the delicate tones of Art Alchemy Impasto Paints used to paint the background go perfectly with the touches of spray and white splatters... almost like a snowstorm or a sky full of stars!
When you take a closer look, you will see how really dimensional and rich this project is - there are many layers created here - starting with Art Basics Modeling Paste applied through a stencil, then paint and my favourite scraps of lace and other random fabrics...
Finally, we are looking at the cluster of embellishments: nice selection of acrylic, plastic and metal trinkets. Can you spot my new "Snowflakes" Mechanicals used on this cover?
Last touches were made with some Micro Beads from my Art Ingredients line and of course my favorite medium released this year - Metallique Waxes. 
I absolutely love this combination of textures and tones!

Would you like to try to make similar project too? Or maybe you are wondering where you can see me during the next 6 months? I have some classes updates for you - check it out!

First of all - my USA Tour in July-August is coming! 
There is still time to book your seats, but don't wait until last minute as we have to place orders in advance to get the supplies for your kits!

18 - 19 July 2017 - Queen's Ink, MD - bookings here!
22 - 23 July 2017 - Creative Escape, CA - bookings here!
26 July 2017 - Wine Country art Escape - Temecula, CA - bookings here!
28-29 July 2017 - Paper Parachute, OR - bookings here!
1 - 2 August 2017 - The Paper Boutique, IL - bookings here!
4 - 5 August 2017 - Scrapbook Super Station, PA - bookings here!
9 - 10 August 2017 - Crafty Scrapper ,TX
12-13 August 2017 - Imagine That, NE - bookings here!

I'm back on the road after a short break in September - check out the dates and places, many of them are open for bookings already!

9-10 September 2017 - Classes in Dublin, Ireland- email: 

16-17 September 2017 - The Mad Scrapper, Edinburgh, UK - bookings here!

23-24 September 2017Ed'eve Créations in Sarlat, France- bookings here!

7-8 October 2017 - Scraphouse, Barcelona, Spain - bookings here!
28-29 October 2017 - Scraphouse, Vitoria, Spain - bookings here!

21-22 October 2017 - Dom na Łąkach, Poland - bookings here!

But wait, there is more - details soon!
11-12 November 2017 - Classes for Scraps'n'pieces, Athens, Greece
18-19 November 2017 - Classes in Riga, Latvia
25-26 November 2017 - Classes at Bikuben, Oslo, Norway

9-11 January 2018 - Donna Downey Studios, Huntersville, NC, USA - last seats here!
14-15 January 2018 - Art Venture - Phoenix, AZ, USA - bookings here!

I hope I will see you in one of these places and have the chance to splash some paint with you and play with other magical mixed media ingredients of mine! :)

Monday, 19 June 2017

The Embrace of Memories

Hi Everyone!
Today's new project from my Creative Team is so personal and so moving that it truly doesn't need a lengthy intro...
Karolina is sharing a piece of her heArt in the most beautiful form. See for yourselves!

*   *   *   *
Hello, dear ones!
Today I have for you a new project of mine that is very personal and close to my heart.
I once read a quote by a Polish writer, Jerzy Kosiński, and I think he found the right words that perfectly express my own idea of art:
“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”
When I'm looking at the piece I'm presenting today - a mixed media embroidery hoop and the photo of my dad - these words resonate even stronger for me...
We'll be celebrating Father’s Day soon and this project was inspired by the thoughts of my daddy.
Recently, I've been inspired to be using a lot of embroidery hoops in my art.
They are like a special kind of 'canvas', an interesting and original base for all kinds of mixed media creations. The possibilites are really endless here!

In this particular project, I had a lot of fun working with the new Finnabair products like the Impasto Paints and older but equally loved ones like Glitter and Mechanicals embellishments that always add this special touch to every kind of project.
You will see in my video tutorial below that for my hoop I simply used paper (covered with a layer of Clear Gesso) as my background but canvas works brilliant as well!

I also had the idea to use decorative elements made using silicone moulds glued on with 3D Matte Gel - you should really try it - it's a really easy trick that creates fantastic textural effects!
I have to admit that I’m a texture lover and I love rich backgrounds. Working with Stone Effect Pastes is a real treat and always makes my creating process easier. Every additional layer of these pastes makes my textures more intensive and visible. 
Different kinds of Finnabair's Art Alchemy acrylic paints perfectly mix with each other and also with water and other media (like for example Stone Effect Pastes).
Of course I couldn't resist and just had to use one of my favorite combinations: Glitter together with Art Pebbles.
I used Heavy Body Gel as my adhesive and to make my process cleaner and faster, I poured some of it into a small plastic bottle. The gel dries quite quickly and then becomes completely transparent which means it won't dull the sparkle of the glitter.
And now it's time for the video. :)
I hope you'll enjoy it and feel free to ask any questions you might have, I'll be happy to help.

This project is very personal for me and very close to my heart...
It's filled with memories, nostalgia and it evokes many of my emotions.
For me personally, that's the whole point of art making.

Happy creating!

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Teal Meets Rust ATCs

Hi Friends!
Marta created most inspiring small forms for today's post! I'm sure you'll love the colors and Marta's creative techniques how to easily make some interesting textures. There's a video too - so enjoy and feel inspired!

*   *   *   *
Hello friends!
Today I have for you four colorful pieces of art - a teal and rust inspired Artist Trading Card set.
I just love this combo of teal and rusty shades, I often think that it's a bit like mixing water and fire to achieve a really special color palette.
My ATCs were created on plain cardboard and you can use basically any kind of cardboard as your base. Mine was quite thick, but its grey color was the problem - I didn't like it and that's why my first step was covering all my cardboard pieces with a layer of White Gesso.

To create an interesting background, I glued some pieces of 'Checkered' resist canvas colored with a teal spray and used Light Paste applied through the 'Netting' stencil. Later on I've added some circle shaped chipboards to create dimension and layers.
As you will see, apart from the glue I also used staples to attach my embellishments to the base. I think they add an interesting 'edge' to the whole piece.
The most important thing was choosing the right colors - I decided to use Impasto Azure paint and Art Alchemy Metallique Mermaid Teal. They go together just beautifully and create an amazing color connection on my ATCs.

I've used some beautiful Mechanicals metal embellishment, some of them were already rusty.
I connected these elements with red thread which not only created some additional yummy mess in the background but also added a great color accent.
I've stuck my elements with hot glue applied with a gun.
In the end I applied Rust Pastes on the metal elements, the chipboards and also on the edges of each of my ATCs.
It created this special vintage touch that I love so much.

I also love to use Art Ingredients Micro Beads. I sprinkled some Copper ones around the embellishments, I especially like them inside the Mechanicals Lotus Flowers. I think they are a magical accent that will make your projects very special.
Here's my short 'making of' video for you to enjoy and feel inspired!

To tell you the truth, I left my comfort zone with this color palette and I'm so glad I did. :)
I love this contrasting color combo of rust and aqua/teal (with a touch of red!).

You should try this palette in your art and also enjoy how wonderful the textures can be - smooth acrylic paints combined with rough rust pastes - you'll love this effect!

I hope you like my ATC set and that you will feel inspired by it and create something magical yourselves. :)

Happy creating!

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